My passion is shooting film. I love everything about it from exposure to developing. I think the grain feels more authentic. The way the light is emitted from objects to create images is my inspiration every time I pick up my camera. I use natural light most of the time for that exact reason. I find nothing more beautiful than to see natures light kiss and inanimate object and make it manifest into something noteworthy. When doing stills I just let the light influence the shot. I find the spontaneity crude and unrefined. When I do a portrait I work completely different; however, I tend to take the time to get to know my subject(s). To me this is the only way to embrace their inner beauty and reflect who they truly are. I have had many models tell me that they are not photogenic, to me there in lies the beauty. I choose to shoot with a macro, it is a longer lens,and it allows me not to have to be so close to people when I take their photo. I try to make myself as obscure as possible- you would be amazed at how much you see when no one thinks you are looking.

I come from a big family where everyone fights for their word, and where they all have something to say. I come from a family of eight. I have always loved expressing myself- I still do. Though I love the spoken word, I feel that life represents itself through all of our senses. I choose “sight” which is ironic…and if you knew me you’d know that it is because, without a LENSE, I can not see. Pun intended. I have always seen things different. It is inherent. Doing photography is not exactly what I pictured myself wanting to do with my life. I have a degree in Graphic Design and worked as a designer for several years. I worked for the local newspaper in Jacksonville North Carolina and spent many nights editing photo after photo to get ready for print. I have never been a person with a sense of direction, but somehow in this format, for however long, I find mine. It was not until I was twenty-three that I discovered my love for using a camera. I was on vacation in California and was too young to drive the rental, so I was in charge of the pictures. I have never had any formal training in photography. I have taken some online courses to learn how to maneuver the camera, but that is the extent of my training. I know what I feel when I take the shot. What I see. Is it really possible to embrace the moment forever (I am not a fan of the word capture)? I am not sure if what you see is exactly how I feel, but for a “pause,” it is pretty close.

My experience includes showing my work at local art shows, weddings, family portraits, art festivals, and gallery displays.

Everyone has a purpose, some know and some do not. A wise man recently taught me that it is your attitude towards life that determines its approach towards you.

This is my attitude

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